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GMI was founded in 1970 by a group of experienced testing people from Aerospace testing and Automotive testing.
We are a testing system integrator and Technical Contract Service Provider since 1984.
We are dedicating to fulfill your testing requirements at reasonable price to compare to our competitors.

Our main business come from below fields:

-Aircraft Ground Support Equipment GSE, Test Stands.
 Sales / Service and On-site Technical Service Contract.

- Aircraft Engine Test Bench, Testcell Sales / Service and on-site Technical Contract provider.  Including Commercial Jet Engine, Jet Fighter Engines and Turbo-Shaft Engine Testcell System.

Picture with courtesy of Aerospace Testi

- Automotive Ground Vehicle's Test System for Engine Dynamometer, Chassis Dynamometer Test Systems and Data Acquisition System and it's Turn-key Operation.

- Transducers, Sensors, Instrumentation and Calibration Service for Aerospace Industries.

We have more than 30 employees at different location in California and our on site support teams are resident in Pacific Rim countries to perform long term Technical contract service as well as field Calibration for GSE Service.
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GMI is an Engineering Service Provider to Aircraft GSE & System Integrator of Aerospace & Automotive Test Systems